Our Toolchain: An Inside Look at Our Digital Workshop

Our Toolchain: An Inside Look at Our Digital Workshop

Published on 08.01.2024

Here’s a peek into the services we rely on for server management, analytics, uptime monitoring, and content creation. Let’s explore how each of these tools contributes to our success and why they are integral to our operations.

#Ploi: Our Server Management Powerhouse

What’s the Deal with Ploi?

  • Hosting Made Simple: We host six servers using Ploi, an intuitive server management platform.
  • Ready-to-Go Configuration: Ploi impresses with its efficient, out-of-the-box server configurations.
  • Community & Support: The Discord community for Ploi is a treasure trove of knowledge, complemented by prompt and useful support.

Why Ploi Stands Out

Ploi aligns perfectly with our tech stack, being built on Laravel, a framework we frequently use. Its EU-based hosting and GDPR-compliant data processing agreement make it an ideal choice for us.

#Fathom: Analytics with Privacy at its Core

Why We Chose Fathom

  • Privacy-First Approach: Fathom is dedicated to protecting user privacy, aligning with our values.
  • Understanding Our Audience: It helps us track website visitors, giving us insights while respecting user privacy.
  • EU-Centric Traffic: All traffic data stays within the EU, ensuring compliance and data safety.

Why Fathom Over Others

Its commitment to privacy and EU-based traffic handling makes Fathom our go-to for responsible analytics.

#OhDear: Keeping a Watchful Eye on Our Websites

OhDear in Action

  • Uptime Monitoring: OhDear actively monitors our websites, alerting us instantly if any site goes down.
  • Transparency with Status Pages: It allows us to create public status pages, maintaining transparency with our audience.
  • Built on Laravel: OhDear’s Laravel foundation makes it a seamless fit with our other Laravel-based tools.

#GoVoice: Fueling Our Content Creation

Empowering Our Content Strategy

We utilize govoice.app for crafting engaging content across our websites and social media channels. Its versatile capabilities make it an indispensable tool in our content creation suite.

Each of these tools plays a vital role in our digital ecosystem, enhancing our operational efficiency, privacy compliance, and content quality. They are not just services; they are the building blocks of our digital presence.