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Welcome to the Video Thumbnail Getter — your go-to tool for effortlessly extracting thumbnails from any web video, including YouTube. Our user-friendly tool simplifies the process of obtaining video thumbnails in high resolution, perfect for content creators, marketers, and media professionals who need to enhance their projects or presentations.

How It Works:

  1. Enter the Video URL: Simply paste the URL of the video from which you want to extract the thumbnail.
  2. Retrieve the Thumbnail: Click 'Get' to instantly generate the thumbnail image of the video.
  3. Enhanced Thumbnail: We automatically add a YouTube play button overlay to the thumbnail, making it ready for use in your content.


  • Universal Compatibility: Works with any web video, including all YouTube videos.
  • Instant Results: Get the thumbnail image in seconds.
  • Enhanced Thumbnails: Thumbnails come with a play button overlay, providing a professional look that is ideal for reviews, presentations, or social media posts.
  • Effects: Depending on your needs, opt for a greyscale or pixelated version of the thumbnail for a unique touch.
  • Completely Free: Use this tool at no cost to quickly and easily enhance your digital content.

Why use our Video Thumbnail Getter?

  • Efficiency: Save time by getting thumbnails quickly without the need for complex software.
  • Ease of Use: Our straightforward interface makes it accessible to users of all skill levels.
  • Quality and Precision: Extract high-resolution thumbnails that maintain the clarity and detail of the original video.

The Video Thumbnail Getter is the perfect tool for anyone looking to extract and enhance video thumbnails with minimum fuss and maximum efficiency. Try it today to streamline your workflow and improve your digital content!


For developers, we provide an API that delivers thumbnails directly to your applications on-demand:

Base URL:


  • url= The full Video URL
  • v= The YouTube Video ID. Either use the full URL or the Video ID.
  • button= (optional) Can be "youtube" if you want to include the YouTube Play Button on top.
  • button_width= (optional) Button width in percent (default: 30)
  • quality= (optional) Image compression quality in percent (default: 100)
  • pixelate= (optional) Pixelate the image (recommended: 30)
  • greyscale (optional) Provide this parameter to greyscale the image


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