Free Lighthouse Crawler Audit tool

Generate a Google Lighthouse Report for your whole website!

Introducing the Google Lighthouse Crawler

Our Google Lighthouse Crawler is a cutting-edge tool designed to comprehensively evaluate your website's performance. With just one click, it assesses the Google Lighthouse Score for every page on your site simultaneously.

Why Use Google Lighthouse Crawler?

Comprehensive Performance Insights: The Google Lighthouse Score is a renowned metric that gauges a website’s performance, accessibility, adherence to best practices, and search engine optimization (SEO). It's an essential tool for website optimization.

Pinpoint Slow Pages: Quickly identify which pages of your website are underperforming in terms of speed.

Mobile Optimization Check: Discover pages that might not be fully optimized for mobile users.

Regular Monitoring: Effortlessly track and maintain your website's health with regular checks.

How Does it Work?

Simple to Use: Enter your website's URL and hit “Go”.

Efficient Crawling: Our tool begins an in-depth crawl of your site, analyzing each page for its Google Lighthouse Score.

Fast Results: The crawler operates swiftly, delivering a detailed performance report in just a few minutes.

Experience the ease of optimizing your website with our Google Lighthouse Crawler – your one-stop solution for maintaining an efficient, accessible, and SEO-friendly website.